The success of a healthy garden lies not only in tending to the plants and providing them with fertilizers. Water is the key ingredient that gifts the plants a healthy life. It is true that watering a garden manually has its own positive sides but it is also a sort of restraint, especially, for working professionals and elderly people who are short of time to tend to their garden. For them, garden watering equipment can be the perfect solution.

Most of the new age garden watering equipment available with reputed manufacturers  comes with water timers that make the job easier.

Moreover, the equipment range has a foray of self-watering kits for patio plants, hanging baskets and indoor plants. Sprinklers, drip irrigation and micro irrigation systems are also under the product category that is perfect for outdoor plants and lawns.

First time investors in such garden watering equipment need to carry out a little research. It is good to pay the dealers a personal visit or browse the online catalogue for products available with them. However, before doing so it is important that the user chalks out the requirements of his/ her garden. This eases the decision-making process.

For example, if someone prefers to attend to the plants on their own, then a garden watering hose can be good. As a garden watering tool, hose pipes can be considered as the oldest equipment used in gardening. While sprinklers and drip irrigation systems are favourable for their water saving capacity, a garden hose has no match when it comes to watering plants with deep roots or a vegetable garden.

Plants like ferns, fuchsias, gardenias, blue marguerite, and primroses, especially require more watering. A garden hose in such cases can be ideal. Not only applying water with a garden hose is easier but moving them around the lawn or the garden also makes it a good equipment to invest in. Most of the garden hose are made out of soft plastic or synthetic rubber. As such, repairing a leak or maintaining one is also hassle free.

Hoses nowadays also come with removable heads with which sprinklers and sprayers can be attached. This helps gardeners to water plants accordingly. Since a sprayer or a sprinkler emits limited amount of water, they are fit to water perennial plants like coral bells, sunrose, blanket flower, and poppy mallow that thrive on less water. A single garden watering hose, therefore, serves various purposes and is a handy gardening tool for a horticulturist.

Garden watering equipment remove burden from the gardener’s shoulders. For one with a green thumb, these equipments have turned the perilous job of garden watering into an enjoyable one.